The Little Market x Bambini Furtuna

Bambini Furtuna is part of a purpose-driven family of brands that cares deeply about transforming lives and the land by boosting the local Sicilian economy with job creation, contributing to life-changing opportunities for the Sicilian people.

That is why this holiday season, we have partnered with The Little Market to support their mission to empower artisans around the world by extending their products’ distribution and supporting sustainable income opportunities through a $25,000 commitment from the Furtuna Family of Brands.

Bed & Bath Ritual Set

20% of every purchase of our collaborative Little Market x Bambini Furtuna Bed & Bath Ritual Set will be donated to The Little Market to continue supporting meaningful income opportunities for artisans and their families, making a difference, and creating a positive, long-lasting impact.

We sat down with The Little Market Co-Founder, Hannah Skvarla, to discuss how she created a brand & non-profit that is about transforming communities at its core.

We love the mission behind The Little Market & feel so aligned as we aim to create similar economic support for families in Sicily through Bambini Furtuna. Can you tell us a little about your mission in starting The Little Market?

We are so glad to have another partner in this mission-driven work and are very excited about our product collaboration! Lauren and I started The Little Market to empower women in underserved communities. In 2012, we traveled together to Uganda and Tanzania and met with local women who shared their desires to earn a sustainable income. Many of them were already creating handmade goods but did not have access to enough customers to make a living wage. So, we were inspired to create a virtual market — connecting artisan and producer groups to a larger global audience.

The Little Market launched in 2013, and we’re proud to make fair trade, ethically sourced, artisan-made products easily available to an audience that is committed to shopping consciously. Our mission is three-fold: we are dedicated to the economic self-sufficiency of women through dignified income opportunities, committed to the preservation of cultural traditions through the celebration of their techniques, and passionate about raising awareness about human rights and social justice issues through educational programming.

The Little Market goods are so stunning that a lot of people don’t know that The Little Market is actually a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Can you explain what that means to everyone?

Thank you! The Little Market operates as both a nonprofit social enterprise and a fair trade shop. Our nonprofit status complements and helps us further the mission we founded the shop on. The cornerstone of our business model is our commitment to paying groups fairly, promptly, and in full for their work, before they even start production on orders. This is because we do not want any artisan to make the difficult choice between providing for their family’s essential needs or purchasing materials to make their products. All sales revenue generated is reinvested into our artisan network to support additional orders and reach more artisans and producers.

However, given the realities of working with groups in underserved areas (intermittent communication when in remote areas, verifying fair trade practices, shipment time frames, and product development), it can often take up to two years for new artisan and producer groups’ products to go live on our site. This is one area in which donations we receive have the biggest impact. Donors make it possible for us to increasingly expand our reach and support newer groups through the process it takes to build capacity and ship internationally. Donations also support our education and awareness-raising initiatives, which we believe are crucial in working toward a more equitable world. We have several ways of measuring our success and impact. I would encourage anyone who is curious to learn more to take a look!

We are so proud to be launching an amazing limited edition Bed & Bath gift set with The Little Market which will include our best-selling Dreamy Hush Time Roller and an Olive Oil & Chamomile Bath Bomb from The Little Market. The perfect gift for child-parent bonding. Can you tell everyone a little about the artisans behind TLM’s bath bomb?

As with each of our pieces, these bath bombs have a meaningful story behind them — that of the producers and the technique. The bath bombs are handmade in small batches at a Mississippi-based social enterprise committed to alleviating poverty and creating sustainable employment opportunities for people who have endured various hardships in life, including facing addiction, escaping domestic violence, living with disabilities, and participating in reentry programs. Participating in this enterprise gives producers access to training, skill development opportunities, and a work environment that is safe and empowering — essential resources as they rise above adversities. We’re grateful to work with them and share these unique pieces with all of you!

What are some of your favorite family bed and bath time rituals?

Our nightly ritual is my opportunity to have uninterrupted time with my children. We try to keep a consistent routine. We eat dinner together as a family at 5pm and share the highlights of the day. At 6pm my kids pick out a bath bomb and take a bath. The bath ritual really helps them unwind for the night. After the bath, they pick out their pajamas and we read their favorite stories. I love watching them become more independent as they make decisions throughout our bedtime and bathtime routines.

Have you found your family rituals evolve as your family has gotten larger?

Every day looks a little different now that we have two little ones, but we make it a point to prioritize our quality time together. We love movie nights with films that have a lesson at their core. It’s particularly important to me that my children learn feminist values as early as possible. We enjoy films with strong, courageous, and empathetic female leads that both my 5-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son can be inspired by and look up to.

Do you have any other family rituals that you love that strengthen the bond between you and your little ones? Birthdays, boo boo or otherwise?

Lately my family has been really enjoying baking. My entire family has a sweet tooth and a love of desserts. We love baking together for any occasion or none at all, and it’s rewarding to watch my children work together and help each other reach a common goal — which, in the case of desserts, is always a fun, colorful creation.

What are some ways you practice gratitude with your family?

Growing up, my parents instilled in me the importance of practicing gratitude as an action. We were taught to recognize our positionality and use our privileges to effect positive change. I try to both demonstrate these values to my children through example and involve them in practice. Our family encourages random acts of kindness not just during the holiday season, but throughout the year. We volunteer with local nonprofits making a difference in the lives of the most under-resourced. For the holidays, we will purchase gifts for a family in need. It’s a really meaningful way to give back and it’s something that my kids can participate in.

Since the holidays are upon us, what are some of your favorite goodies from The Little Market to gift to loved ones?

I love gifting from The Little Market because I can find something for everyone in my life and know that each purchase makes an impact. My go-to gifts include our candles, which are hand-poured in Massachusetts by women who resettled as refugees. And the labels can be personalized, adding a special touch for the recipient. I often pair them with our gift totes based on the occasion. We also make it easy for shoppers to curate a hand-wrapped gift set, so I mix and match pieces kids love when surprising a little one.

Do you have a favorite Bambini Furtuna ritual?

My kids love the Dreamy Hush Time! When I became a mom, I really began paying attention to the ingredients and stories behind the products I use for myself and my family, opting for safe, natural skin-care products. I love Bambini Fortuna’s mission of formulating products with ethical materials, the environment, and safety in mind and helping our little ones get a strong, healthy start.

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