Winter Time Dry Cracked Skin

Written By: Alan Greene, M.D.

Often skin gets drier during the winter as humidity levels go down. We don’t often think about the impact of keeping our homes, schools and offices at a comfortable temperature, but forced air heaters can drive the humidity way and be very drying to the skin.

On top of that, wintertime becomes the time that can be most important for frequent hand washing – before meals and after toileting, of course, but also after sneezing and coughing. This is especially if someone in the family is sick.

This repeated hand washing can also be drying. Often moms and kids will have dried right cracked hands during the cold and flu season.

There are a few things that can help. One is to avoid drying soaps when washing the hands. Use something that is gentle and moisturizing. Another is to protect the hands with a good emollient. One of the things that we’ve been hearing already from Bambini’s Boo Boo Be Gone is moms love to carry it in the purse to quickly moisturize their own hands to seal in the moisture immediately after washing and do the same for the kids.

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