Our Story

Every product is inspired by a deep love for our little ones, with the ultimate goal of keeping you and your family happy and healthy.


Bambini Furtuna Co-Founder Agatha Luczo needed to soothe her child’s suffering, but couldn’t find a remedy that was both organic and effective. So she asked a close family friend, Dr. Alan Greene. As a world-renowned pediatrician, Dr. Greene knew that real healing happens when the body is supported and signaled to repair itself. He suggested that Agatha look to the hundreds of medicinal herbs on La Furtuna Estate...

Located in the heart of Sicily, La Furtuna Estate has been a part of Agatha and Steve Luczo’s family for generations. Steve’s grandmother, Rose, was born on this incredible land almost a century ago. Now under Agatha and Steve’s stewardship, the area has expanded to more than 350 hectares. As a fully functioning farm, the Estate is home to ancient olive trees, hundreds of potent medicinal herbs, several endangered plant and animal species, and a handful of local experts... Everything needed to create powerful yet gentle organic health remedies.

Home of La Furtuna Estate


This sometimes-overlooked region of Italy has a rich history. Our plants and herbs grow above buried treasures from the Phoenicians, Arabs, Greeks, Romans, Spaniards, Italians, and others. Many of Bambini Furtuna’s key ingredients can also be traced back to those cultures. We’re passionate about both preserving and exploring this incomparable land.

La Furtuna Estate reminds us of what we already know: the more you give, the more you receive.



La Furtuna Estate thrives above thousands of years of history waiting to be discovered. We’ve hosted major excavations on the land led by world-renowned archeologists from Sicily and Rome. They’ve unearthed the oldest human remains known to Sicily, dating back to the Bronze Age (2000 BC). Buildings were also found on the property that closely match ancient Iberian architecture.

It’s possible that other areas of the Estate hold artifacts dating as far back as 3000 BC. We will continue to explore in the hopes of discovering, studying, and protecting more of Sicily’s past.



Much of our Estate lies within the Monti Sicani Bio Preserve. This land is home to an abundance of native plants, awe-inspiring animals, and more. The Monti Sicani Bio Preserve was set up to help ensure the survival of Sicilian flora and fauna while enriching genetic diversity within the biome.

Our master ethnobotanist, Pasquale “Mimmo” Marino, has brought back several nearly extinct plant species and continues to work to preserve Sicily’s biological heritage.



We chose a traditional Sicilian animal to represent each Bambini Furtuna remedy. These gentle creatures are important to Italy’s past and present. Many can be found on La Furtuna Estate, roaming wild or on our preserve. Learn more about our wonderful friends below.


(lah fah-MEE-lee-ah dee el-leh-FAHN-teh NEE-doh)

THE Dwarf Elephant FAMILY

Centuries ago, L’elefante Nido had the freedom to wander Sicily. We like to imagine mama Dwarf Elephants walking beside their children, roaming freely across what is now La Furtuna Estate.

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L’elefante Nido

El-leh-FAHN-teh NEE-doh

Dwarf Elephant

Thousands of years ago, Dwarf Elephants roamed Sicily. Later, humans discovered Dwarf Elephant fossils, with their large heads and nasal cavities. That may be how the myth of the Cyclops began!

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The Hoopoe

Hoopoes are colorful birds named for their unique call, “Hoo-poo!” They love taking sand baths and basking in the warm Sicilian sun. Hoopoes use their long beaks to feed their young... while flying!

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(ill PEE-koh-loh GOO-foh)

The Little Owl

With their big, curious eyes and small, spotted bodies, Il Piccolo Gufo is a symbol of good luck and positive energy in Sicilian culture. Little Owls are also closely associated with the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Athena.

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(ill cheen-gee-AH-leh)

The Wild Italian Boar

Il Cinghiale has a keen sense of smell. They use their big snouts to forage for food, and they’ll eat almost anything. Female Wild Italian Boars live with their little ones in groups called “sounders.” 

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(lah FOH-ka MOH-na-kah)

the Mediterranean Monk Seal

With a sweet face and a plump belly, there’s so much to love about the Mediterranean Monk Seal. Monk Seals lay on their backs and let their great tummies soak up the warm sun.

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(ill bruko)

the Caterpillar

The tickle of Il Bruco is fun, but when these caterpillars are on the go, their fuzzy bodies can make you itch all over! Many caterpillars on La Furtuna Estate will turn into Clouded Apollo Butterflies, a species found only in Sicily. 

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(ill koh-NEE-glee-oh)

the Rabbit

After a long day spent hopping through La Furtuna Estate, Il Coniglio sleeps for more than eight hours! Soft and sweet, we dream of cozying up with these snuggly Sicilian bunnies for a peaceful sleep.

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(ill poor-cohs-PEEN-noh cres-TAH-toh)

the Crested Porcupine

Despite having a coat of sharp quills, Il Porcospino Crestato is a gentle animal. Crested Porcupines stay with their mate for life to raise their young. They’re nocturnal, so if you don’t see them in the Sicilian countryside, they might be sleeping!

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