Our Calling

Bambini Furtuna is dedicated to giving our little ones the strong, healthy start they deserve. We offer innovative remedies that ease pain, promote health, calm children and give parents peace of mind safely and effectively. Each of our organic wellness formulas soothes a common problem, from earaches to bug bites to tummy trouble and more.

Stamp of Sicily
Stamp of Sicily

Our Ingredients

On the sunny island of Sicily sits a rich land blanketed in powerfully medicinal trees and plants that have survived extreme conditions by being able to repair and heal themselves. Bambini products harness the power of their highly developed natural defense systems to strengthen your child’s own. The organic formulas combine potent therapeutic plants and wild-foraged herbs with ultra-nourishing, pure extra virgin olive oil, harvested from our centuries-old olive trees, to create the efficacious Bambini Remedy Oil Blends.

Healing Philosophy

“As a pediatrician who serves children close to home and around the world, I have come to realize that healing means supporting and signaling the body to repair and thrive. I believe that often the best medicine is the gentlest choice that will get the job done. Bambini Furtuna products help make that philosophy a reality. I'm proud of the work we've done to develop these scientifically-based, gentle remedies for kids. I wish I'd had them for my own children when they were little ones.”

Dr. Alan Greene, M.D.
Bambini Furtuna Co-Founder

Our History

Agatha Luczo and her husband Steve are the loving stewards of the idyllic La Furtuna Estate, the source of Sicily’s most treasured extra virgin olive oil. Agatha began using the golden oil on everything from her children's cuts and scrapes to skin irritations and quickly discovered the amazing healing powers it had. Rashes disappeared in a day!

Agatha had been long-time friends with renowned pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene. When Agatha’s little one came down with an earache, Dr. Greene wanted to give her garlic and echinacea in an olive oil infusion, but there were no children’s remedies in existence potent enough to be effective. In an Aha! moment, Agatha suggested using the farm’s rich ingredients to create their own healing remedies. The olive oil and wild herbs from La Furtuna Estate offered the pure natural potency and quality Dr. Greene had been seeking to cure common kid’s ailments. On that extraordinary day, Bambini Furtuna was born.